What I Would Love To Achieve…

I have had a little think about where I would like to be in a few years time and what I would like to accomplish. My main goal is to prove myself through bodybuilding and inspire others. Later down the line I would like to run a community for like minded people and support it with my own brand. I would like to have a selection of clothing and other items to promote the community and something others could feel proud of and feel like they are part of the family. 

Later down the line I want to run a gym and then own my own small gym sharing the same name as my/our clothing brand. I will then train my son or daughters there in roughly 10-15 years time (If they wants to train) and eventually let them take over the business and expand. 

At the moment it is all a dream and I can’t see an issue with that. Anything can be achieved if you really want it. This is what I want (along with my wife) and we will conquer it. I have a few plans in the pipeline that could give me a real good kick start… I just need to gather as much knowledge and prove to you all that anything can be done.

Doubt me now and I will laugh later…


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