Back and Triceps 12/06/13

I started with a stretch to limber up and warm up my muscles. I then did the following;


  • 60kg x 8 *
  • 80kg x 8 *
  • 100kg x 8 *
  • 140kg x 4
  • 160kg x 2
  • 180kg x 1


Behind the neck wide grip lat pulldown

  • 60kg x 10 *
  • 80kg x 10

Close grip pull downs

  • 70kg x 10*
  • 90kg x 10

Sit down rows

  • 60kg x 10 *
  • 80kg x 10

Bent over reverse grip barbell row

  • 160kg x 10 x 4


  • 60kg x 15 *
  • 80kg x 15 
  • 100kg x 15


Narrow grip bench press

  • 60kg x 8 x 3

Over head tricep extension

  • 50lb x 8 *
  • 80lb x 8 

Kick Backs

  • 8kg x 8 per arm *
  • 30lb x 8 per arm

Tricep push down

  • 60kg x 8 *
  • 80kg x 8


*Warm-up sets

All reps are approximate.


What I have started to do is drop the weight and the number of sets I carry out. I know I hit the muscles much better when I use strict controlled form, rather than lifting much heavier weight and using very poor form. I will continue to use this technique for a good six months and monitor my progress. 

I have tired a fair few different ways to workout, but this is by far the most intense I have done up to now. Doing less sets has enabled me to focus more and really hit the muscles hard on that exercise. I find that when I do lots of sets I don’t focus on the one in hand, rather than thinking I have another set to go and so I give up just before I push myself.

I feel that I can drop more from the biceps and triceps exercises and use more intensity. I do like to have a little mixture and a cool down set though. I feel that tonight went well and I targeted all the muscle I aimed to hit.

I will report back soon!

Trial and error…




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