Shoulders and Legs 14/06/13

I feel the need to report on tonight for my reference and to remind myself that this was insane for my legs. Shoulders was intense, but not like legs.


Standing shoulder press

  • 15kg x 10
  • 35kg x 10
  • 45kg x 8
  • 45kg x 6

Seated dumbbell press

  • 60lb x 8
  • 70lb x 6
  • 60lb x 6
  • 50lb x 6

Front, side, rear delt raises

  • 30lb x 6 reps and 3 sets

Smith machine behind the neck press

  • 25kg x 6 x 2

Legs (this killed me)

Squats (short rests, slow, good form)

  • Body Weight x 10
  • 60kg x 15
  • 80kg x 10
  • 100kg x 10
  • 120kg x 4
  • 80kg x 10

Leg press

  • 170kg x 10
  • 170kg x 8

Calf raise

  • 130kg x 15 x 4

Seated leg extensions

  • 50kg x 15
  • 60kg x 15

Leg curl

  • 30kg x 15
  • 40kg x 15

After legs I was quite bad. I pushed myself as hard a s I could and then a bit more. I had to roll of the leg bench and sit in a position to stop myself from being sick. I managed to grab my stuff and walk out the gym feeling ill. I had a little sit in the car and decided to make a move, I got home safe and now I’m waiting for DOMS!

That was the hardest and most determined I have ever been. I really feel I could have got a new PB squat without any issue, but I’m bodybuilding now and not power lifting, so I opted for reps.

Less sets and more intensity is going to work for me. All these sets just burns me out before I can give it my all. Once warmed up I go for the kill, it feels good to me and time will tell.

All was done slow and with good form.

Ego is leaving…



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