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Late last night we decided that we were going to visit Temple Gym today for Fathers Day. We got up nice and early, got the children ready and headed off to Birmingham (UK). As we now live in South Wales, we had 100 miles to travel one way. The roads were empty all the way including the city centre.

I went there to pick up my Temple Gym hoodie ready for when I train with Dorian around August.


When we got there we sort of knew what to expect. We were greeted with some steep steps that take you down into the Temple. Everywhere you look there were photos, trophies and all sorts of memorabilia throughout the whole gym. I could smell the the damp, feel the energy and most of all, I could feel the motivation and inspiration.




Standing in the same gym where Dorian trained and won the MR Olympia 6 times felt insane. The amount of legends that have stepped foot in that gym is also crazy. I am well aware that anyone can go there, but I had to go there, I look up to Dorian and just to drive past the place would have been a dream come true, let alone go in there and study the place.


The next time I go there will be to train with Dorian or when the wife trains with Gal. I have got the tourist part out the way and so next time I will be focused on some serious bodybuilding and finding out some answer to the questions I have. I hope to train with Andrew Coulson and Lewis Yates before the end of the year too.


Taking my children to a gym also feels fantastic! Giving them a head start in life by introducing them to fitness at an early age is what I strongly believe all children need. (Notice I said fitness and not weightlifting/bodybuilding) The children loved it, although we were constantly on edge telling them not to touch anything. My boy was especially delighted as he loves his weights and posing. (I have to stress that we will not let him lift heavy weights and only let him get involved for fun and education)

Here’s a short video that we made. Bear in mind we had three children to look after so it is a little rough!

Living the dream…


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