Latest Weight Update (Pics)

My latest weight update looks good…

I feel that I need to say that I don’t trust these things much and I prefer to look in the mirror or lift weights to see how I am progressing. I know I am on the right track without this, but here it is anyway.

I look at the first one (far left) which was a similar weight to the last one (far right), although the last one shows that I have lost 2kg* of body fat and maintained my overall weight of 84kg*. It also shows at the bottom that I have lost 2kg* of body fat which fits in perfect with the weight I have lost.

Comparing the 2 outer ones to the middle one shows that I have lost 3kg* of fat and 3kg* of overall weight which fits in good with my fat loss and not muscle loss.

If the middle one showed that I had lost 3kg* overall weight but only 2kg* of fat, then I would say I am losing muscle too. I have all the weigh-ins that I have taken from the last 2 years and this is shown quite clearly.                                        weight

For example. The picture below shows that I have maintained my overall weight, but I have lost 3kg* of body fat. As I have lost 3kg* of fat, but maintained my overall weight, this means I have gained 3kg* elsewhere, which is muscle.


This is what I am aiming for and I sure I am on a the right path with nutrition and my workouts. This is quite exciting for me and this is why I have to take note on my blog so I know when, how and why my body is changing.

Screenshot (89)


*This is to the best of my knowledge*

On the right path…


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