My Progress So Far… (Pics)

I’m going to make this an easy post rather than writing a disclaimer saying all sorts of stuff…

Here are two comparisons from a few months into when I first started and  right up to present time. Almost 3 years!


Screenshot (90)

Screenshot (91)


Oh, hold on a minute… this is only a fraction of my journey. I need to explain something before I show the above progress, as I am missing the most important part of my journey out and that is a big mistake.



Before I even thought of lifting a weight I had to lose weight! I was weighing just over 15 stone in May 2008 (When Halle was born) and I dropped 3 stone before my son was born in August 2011. I started lifting weights May 2010, although I had no idea of what to do till 2011, and then it still took another year to educate myself and figure out the basics of bodybuilding. If I’m honest with myself, I will say that I never started really bodybuilding till this year, 2013.

From the very first day I started it has taken me 5 years. It isn’t a hobby, it is a lifestyle. I haven’t just lost weight, built a little muscle, I have also sorted my health out by changing my diet etc.


The last thing I want to say is that I have not regretted one single moment of it! I know what I want and I know I have to do everything I can to get there.


I will not give up, I will fulfil my dreams… 


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