The Bump…

I really didn’t want to blog this, but It would be silly not to as It is my diary.

Wednesday 26th June we were off to the girls sports day and someone ran in to the back of us whilst we were stopped. No major damage was gone to my car, but it was still classed as a right off as the repair would cost more than the car to fix.

Anyway, I now have a pain in my right arm and neck. It’s ok when I do everyday stuff, but when I try and lift the bab for example, I get a sharp twinge go through my arm. I also keep getting headaches when I move my head down and to the left too.

As this is my fitness blog I will keep this more weight related that life related.

I tried to do some light weights yesterday as I have had 5 days off the gym.  I tried doing a light bench press at home and I couldn’t do it. I then tried some 8kg dumbbell curls and had to drop them. Gutted ain’t the word!

I was on target to train with Dorian in August as I have said a thousand times. Now I have around 5 weeks to get back to 100%. I personally don’t think this is possible though judging off my previous injuries/pulls. I will do my best though and I will continue my healthy eating as that is something I can do. I did try a little jog and found that I had too much discomfort in my right shoulder.

I need to let my body heal and missing 2 gym sessions has really gutted me. I will miss the rest of this week and try to lift light at home, just for a bit of rehab in my shoulder and arm.

I can do everything I need to do, apart from anything heavy. This is finally my time to rest and fully recover. I will overcome this tiny little obstacle and I will get back on track. The good thing is, I have no control over what happened, I’m not being a lazy ass and eating junk food all day feeling sorry for myself. I am doing what I can to make sure I repair quickly and and get back into that gym!!!

As you can see, it was nothing major, just a little bump…

Screenshot (101)

Obstacles are there to see if you are prepared to push yourself…


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