Chest and Biceps 15/07/2013

Tonight is the first night that I really wanted to have a good shot at pushing myself hard, as I have had a mental block and have had to it easy the last few weeks due to injury. I had a brilliant night to be fair and I have been off my supplements for a few weeks now!


Flat bench press;

  • 130lb x 10
  • 170lb x 8
  • 190lb x 8
  • 220lb x 2
  • 170lb till failure (around 6 reps with a spotters help)

Dumbbell incline press

  • 60lb x 8
  • 70lb x 8
  • 80lb x 6
  • 70lb x 6


  • 40lb x 8 x 3
  • Cables 1 set 35kg to failure


  • Ez Bar x 4 sets
  • Standing curls x 2 sets
  • seated curls x 2 sets
  • cable overhead x 2 sets

All-in-all tonight was great. I pushed myself, I did what I needed to do and most of all, I wasn’t injured!

Stay positive…


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