Back and Triceps 17/07/2013 and Pre Workout supplement…

Tonight went great! Energy levels were up , I had some great news in the day and it all led to a focused workout.

Pre workout – Half a scoop Black Bombs with half a scoop of NOXPump. I have used this combination for a week or so now and I have found that it is by far the best combination of supplements I have ever tried. I have had most pre workouts from Craze, N.O. xplode, Creashot, Jack3D, C4 and so on. The combination I now use is exactly what I have been after. There is no mad boost of energy and then a crash, it’s a good constant energy boost I get. Even in this heat is is really keeping me going.



  • 60kg x 8
  • 80kg x 8
  • 100kg x 6
  • 140kg x 4
  • 160kg x 1
  • 100kg x 8

Bent over reverser grip barbell row

  • 100kg x 8 x2
  • 100kg to fatigue

Narrow grip seated row x 2 sets, one warm 8 reps, one set heavy to fatigue.

Wide grip lat pull downs

  • 70kg x 10
  • 80kg x 8
  • 90kg fatigue

Narrow grip pull downs

  • 90kg x 10
  • 100kg x 8
  • 120kg x fatigue

Shrugs dumbells

  • 80lb x 15 x 2
  • 100lb x fatigue



  • bodyweight x 8 x 2
  • 15kg x 6

Skull crushers

  • 20kg x 8
  • 30kg x 8
  • 35kg x fatigue

V bar tricep push downs

  • 3 sets, 2 warm up and one to fatigue.

I was very please with how it went, given how hot it was. I cam home and had a MuscleFood protein shake and shortly later I had 3 boiled eggs, 2 Dr Zaks protein bread toasted and a pack of Heinz 5 beans. I’m just about to have 8 Machine Man tablets too.

Now I’m going to casually watch a BodyBuilding DVD and chill!

Day by day nothing changes, year by year is a different you…


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