Nutripak Ready Meal, My Opinions…

I tried my first NutriPak at BodyPower 2013. I was very hungry that day and I saw these being advertised. I really didn’t fancy one though, as I thought they were going to be nasty, I just didn’t expect a ready-to-eat pot taste good at all! We went back to the car and I opened it up, gave it a stir and had a taste and it was absolutely delicious!

As it was late and we had to pick the children up and head back home, we didn’t have time to get back there and buy some more. I thought I would never find them again. Luckily we found the empty box in the car and tracked them down on Twitter and Facebook and later finding them on I had to order some to see if it was a one off that I liked them or if they really were so tasty.

This video is the first time I have looked at one since BodyPower and I have to say that it was just as delicious as it was the first time I had one! Not only are the tasty, but they are high in protein, convenient and have a very long shelf life without the need of a fridge. These along with the other products, eating healthy is easy! Obviously they are not as cheap as a junk food, but they do have a much better nutritional value.

Will I buy them again? YES!!! I bought six and I will use them as I need them. Another fantastic product for people like myself. (I don’t know how a pro athlete feels towards these, but for me they are fantastic!)

*When I say ‘I’, I mean ‘we’.

20130716_192600 20130716_192550 20130716_192540 20130716_192536 20130716_192531 20130716_192526

Chilli flavour, arriving early Sept!


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