Shoulders and Legs (19/07/2013) *

Temperature 30c


I have nothing special to report on shoulders so I won’t note that down.


(After squats as normal)

I used to thing I was doing a 280kg leg press till a few weeks back when I thought of training smart. I dropped the weight to a measly 120kg and did some deep, steady 15 rep leg presses. Even my training partner laughed and commented on how little weight we were actually pressing, till he got on there! We did 3 sets in total of leg presses.

After a couple of sets, I was struggling to stand up. My legs had hardly any feeling in them and I felt them go from beneath me a couple of times.

The bottom line for me to remember, is that I need to forget the weight and concentrate on the full movement to get the best possible range of movement and pressure on the muscle!

I felt it in my hamstrings and quads.

I’m learning daily still, after 3 years. Most importantly, I’m learning…


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