August Transformation 2013…

I have decided to start a new page on what I will be doing in August and how I hope to do it. I have made several aims all leading to the same goal, which is cut the body fat.

For example;

I will keep track of what I am eating like this. I have a lot to work out at the moment and so I am using the last part of this month preparing myself, as well as getting to grips with how many calories I need to take in, with what split.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really know what I’m doing, within a few weeks though, I will know what I’m doing and then I would have educated myself on another important part of bodybuilding.

Cutting the fat is a big deal to me as I have always been fat. I personally think it’s impossible for me to get abs and so I must try to do the impossible.

Screenshot (111)



Click here to visit my new page for my transformation.

Knowledge is the key…


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