My Food Preparation…

This is the first time I have ever tried to do this and it went ok. My boy was sitting with me and helping me where possible which was great as it’s an education lesson as well as a necessary.

I watched Dr-Zaks DVD and there was a section where he shows his food preparation for the days ahead. This gave me the idea to try and do it myself.

Here’s part of the video that I could recover from the video we made. Excuse the quality as the phone played up.

The reason I keep saying that August is the month is simply down to the fact that If I say one month, it is MUCH easier mentally than saying the next year. I know that what I do for the month I can keep going for a lot longer. I changed my diet massively in March and I have found it easy to stick as I did it in a step change rather than a giant leap. Now I feel ready to make the next change to my diet for good.  It’s all about small consistent steps that will eventually lead you further down the path to your goals.


The food cost £20.70 and made those 4 meals with a full pack of turkey left over, half a pack of beef, full tub of cottage cheese, 3 sweet potatoes, 3 peppers and 3 avocados. That’s plenty for a few more meals in the evenings.




One small step at a time makes it much easier…


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