My Training with Dorian Yates At Temple Gym…

Where do I start with this one…

We dropped the children off at nursery for the day and headed of to Temple Gym Birmingham UK. After fighting our way through the never ending road works and traffic we got parked up at around 12 mid day. As we drove past Temple Gym looking for a parking space, we saw Lewis (Dorian’s son) which made the dream become reality.

When we were making our way down the cobble stone path to Temple Gym we bumped into Andrew Coulson and Lewis Yates which was fantastic as Andrew is someone we both look up to in a special way. Lewis is the spit of his dad and in fantastic shape.

When walking down the stairs to the dungeon, reality kicked in. Obviously I was nervous and I felt quite on edge, my brain wouldn’t control my body right. I saw Dorian, shook his hand and waited for him to finish what he was doing. Whilst I was hanging around I watched Andrew and Lewis train, I knew that I wanted to be like these people, I knew what I had to do. Andrew called me over and explained a few things about lats and what exercises work and what doesn’t. This was very interesting as what he told me I thought was actually good for the lats.

Andrew asked me to just put some weights on the machine for him whilst he did his sets. I was just too nervous and did just about everything wrong. It’s expected though, look where I was and who I was talking to.

Shortly after that, me and the wife were admiring the posters and trophies etc, when a guy walked over that was training with Dorian and asked me if I was the guy that did the Fathers Day video on YouTube. I said yes, we shared a few polite words, a hand shake and then it was my turn to train with Dorian Yates. (I will track this guy down somehow)

Let’s start by saying that Dorian looks very intimidating, he’s huge! He still has a cracking muscular physique and behind those muscles, he’s a very humble, down to earth guy. He asked me what I wanted to train and I said back.

The routine went like this;

  • Wide grip lat pull down
  • Nautilus Pullover
  • Hammer pull downs
  • Barbell row
  • Wide grip seated row
  • Bent over delt raise
  • Hyper extensions (2 years ago I did my back in big time doing these. I have had the biggest fear ever of them ever since. I conquered the fear today!)

On my second exercise which was the Nautilus pull over, I did my first set and knew my head was elsewhere, I also knew that I had one chance to do this. On the second set I focused and I gave 100%. I knew what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to waste this opportunity that I had right there to take.

From there on it went well. Obviously he doesn’t know what I am comfortable with and neither do I. I wasn’t there to train for a competition I was there to learn and have the experience and that is exactly what happened.

It was also very hot today in Birmingham. 33c to be exact. It was hot, but not to bad being that there is hardly any air circulation in the gym.

We later went on for a bite to eat together. Me, my wife, Andrew and Dorian all went to a local Italian place around the corner which gave us some time to have a good talk about life. Our daughter painted some pictures and wrote a short letter to Dorian and Gal and we passed them on to him. I’m not sure if he remembers Gal looking like that or if he felt that he was looking in a mirror, but never less, he appreciated them and that’s all that counts.

After a bite to eat and a great chat, we said our goodbyes. WOW it was just a special day. I wouldn’t change anything about the whole experience even if I could. Some of the experience is personal and great. That is for us to hold on to though, such as having it all recorded by the wife. She did a cracking job of recording it all and now I have this to show my children and I know they will enjoy it too.

This is why I write my blog, as I type things down I remember stuff. This is the first time I have had chance to sit down and let it all sink in. Typing this has been fantastic and I have enjoyed ever second of it. What ever happens In life I know that I can look back at this and say I did it. I’ve realised that you have to want things and try to get them if you really want them. I know what I want, I have a good idea of how to get there and along the way I am full filling my dreams.

Andrew and Dorian have made us feel special today. The workout, the knowledge, the chats, the food, walking through a short part of town with them, all of it was amazing. I also got two more of my DVDs signed that I will archive with the others for my boy.

I have learnt so much today and it’s not all to do with lifting weights. We have been inspired in other ways that I will use in my every day life. It’s amazing how much influence someone can have on another’s life, especially when it is all positive and inspiring influence.

No one will say anything to the homeless man sitting over there smoking and chilling, as they are better than him. When they find someone better than themselves, they will try to bring that person down any way they can.

Screenshot (117)
IMG_8449 IMG_20130801_143722 IMG_20130801_151509 IMG_20130801_151641 Screenshot (119) Screenshot (118)Screenshot (116)

20130801_214428 (2)

I‘m very tired now so I will leave it there for tonight.

We made sure we picked up two tubs of Black Bombs whilst we were there too! Oh, and the staff were great too. They made us feel welcome and offered us drinks etc.

What an experience! I have to go back there soon…


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