August 4th 2013 – Day 4

So far so good. By the end of this week I will know if I need to adjust my calorie and macro intake. I never get hungry and make sure I always eat every couple of hours.

day 4



I have to see if I can drop the body fat as it’s something I have always found very difficult. It is much harder than anything else in my opinion. If I can drop the body fat when I need to, I sure as hell can put on a ton of body fat. I’m also discovering new foods and experimenting with nutrients etc. I know it won’t be a waste of time as I have this, my blog. I can see exactly why, when and where I have gone wrong if that’s the case. Something needed to change, let’s figure out if this is it.

If I can remove this mound of fat around my stomach mainly, then I know for a fact I can conquer anything with my body. This lose, nasty fat has to go! That’s years of booze that has done that, now I’m paying for it.

Time will tell…


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