August 5th 2013 – Day 5

day 5



So far I have lost 4lb in just a few days, I don’t want this to happen as I know it’s too much of a drop in such a short time. I don’t want to lose too much strength and that’s the reason to slowly drop the fat.

So far my diet is great! I am eating much more than ever, I am preparing meals ready to eat in the day and I am experimenting with different foods too.

The gym went great tonight too. I was focused and did what I had to do. I felt strong and mentally focused to try and push as hard as I could. My spotter helped me do a forced rep or two and that really killed the chest and biceps. I have adapted to the philosophy of less is more. I’m doing less set’s, less weight, less exercises, but I’m making sure the muscles are hitting complete failure on the negative rep too. I’m eating much smaller portions of food throughout the day and I’m making sure I keep topping up my food intake very 2-3 hours. This should allow my body to burn the food off and not give excess calories for my body to store as fat.

I can’t fault anything at all after 5 days! If I can maintain this type of progress then I will hit my goal without doubt.

The road is long, there is no end. There is a start however and that is further away than the none existing end…


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