August 7th 2013 – Day 7 -End Of Week 1




day 7




Today is the end to week 1. That has gone quick and I have learnt a lot about nutrition in such a short time. I am still far away from a really good diet, but I’m paying much more attention to what my meals contain and the macros that make up my daily food intake.

I have also made a silly mistake of setting my daily calorie allowance of 1920. I’m quite sure that I could lose fat if I was taking in 2500 calories a day or even 3000 calories per day, with the food I’m eating. I have ate like a pig today and I have still only managed to make up 2,227 calories in total. Adding a workout on top of that, it’s way to low in my opinion. It’s all about learning though and this is exactly what I am doing here.

This week I have lost approximately 4lb. I know I can’t keep this up and I simply don’t want to either. If I can drop 1-2 pound a week I will be chuffed and I will still meet my goal over the next few months. I know I have left it late in the year to drop the fat, but these are things that I have to do at certain times when everything falls in place.


There is no end, it’s about constantly evolving…





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