Activlab Master Meal…

I just had my first try of one of these… Master Meal

I put it in a bowl and had a little giggle at how small the portion was, so I thought I would have it as a pre meal. I started to get some meats out the fridge to prepare a bigger meal. Once I ate the master meal, I put the meats back in the fridge and carried on doing the daily duties… Over a hour has passed and I don’t even feel hungry! (closer to 2 hours now)

They are full of flavour and definitely hit those taste buds! I’m surprised how filling and tasty they are and I regret jumping to conclusions regarding how small the portion was. I will be having these daily now as they are easy to make, quick to eat and filling for a couple of hours. I will more than likely have some other form of protein with it too, maybe a slice of DrZaks to soak up the juice.

Looks can be deceiving as this little charm has filled me up for well over a hour now!

Don’t forget discount code AT050213a to get 10% off plus a free gift!!!

Nutrition is the key…


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