August 16th 2013 – Day 16 – Progress Pics

I have took some comparison pics tonight that are 15 days after I took my first August picture. I am very pleased with my progress and I hope to continue to improve daily. I don’t expect to see massive improvements weekly, although I know I have more I can do if I don’t make gains over a couple of months.

I know what I have to do and I think I know how to get there. Most of it is hard work in the gym, but the majority is very hard work outside the gym, which is nutrition!

What have I done different?


I have lost 6lb in 15 days just by eating better. I have added more nutritious food into my diet which includes;

and lots of food, just in smaller portions and more frequent. (check my previous days for a full nutrition run down)

Every day I have Black Bombs by DY Nutrition. These are absolutely lethal and make me seriously buzzed and wanting to move around, therefore burning calories. I have a glass when I start walking on the treadmill and when I start feeling fatigued, they kick in and I just want to go more and more and then some more. The best fat burner on the market by far in my opinion!

Here’s my progress in 2 weeks…

PLEASE remember that I am learning as I go along. I  can only be compared to myself and not others. It’s all about bettering MYSELF.

Screenshot (126) Screenshot (125) Screenshot (124)

Screenshot (127)

Now let’s get something straight, I clearly have a different posture in the newer pictures which shows up quite a lot. I have thought about this and my conclusion is that my next picture somehow has to improve from this one. There is no cheating or whatever I want to call it next time. In fact scrap what I just said! I ain’t going to delete it, but why have I had to try and knock myself down! 

Screenshot_2013-08-16-21-09-43~01 day 16

I won’t count my chickens before they hatch…


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