August 20th 2013 – Day 20

Today has been very difficult regarding one food I was craving for, cereals! I have been seriously craving for a big bowl of cereals all day. I even got to the point where I started to make a bowl and just before I pored the milk in the bowl, I decided to weight the portion and get an idea of the macros in there. The calories were in the excess of 600 for just the cereal alone. Adding milk and a scoop of protein powder would have probably been half of my daily allowance, but this is an issue for me as the calories come from mainly carbohydrates and fat.

So, I then decided to have a DY Black Bomb and go for a causal evening bike ride with my boy on the back and have a DrZaks 100% natural peanut butter sandwich down the lakes. I came home and not only did I pass on the cereals, I also burnt of a few extra calories, had a great bit of fresh air and spent some lovely time with my boy.

Why am I typing this? 

It’s because I had my first serious craving for cereal (what I class as junk at the moment) and I beat the cravings. I can’t hold out much longer, Saturday I am most certainly going to pig out.


Screenshot_2013-08-21-07-51-53~01 (1) day 20

It’s not meant to be easy…



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