August 26th 2013 – Day 26

Screenshot_2013-08-27-09-00-18~01 day 26I need to note down that my strength has dropped massively on the last couple of workouts. Tonight was a major chore, but was that down to the fact it was bank holiday and I was expecting it to be shut so I didn’t get in the focus zone.

Once I have finished this one month transformation, I am going to pick my calories up by an extra 1000 per day. More importantly, I am certainly not going to weigh my food out. I will eat what I want and when I want it, whilst making sure I am eating nutritious meals to aid repair and growth.

Granted I have lost strength, but I have never felt better in myself since starting this new way of eating. I am very proud of my progress even if nothing has changed on the outside, I know for a fact it has on the inside!


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