Update, Supplements, Goals…


  • Black Bombs – DY Nutrition (Pre workout/ Pre exercise, 1 scoop)
  • Nox Pump – Dy Nutrition (Pre workout on gym days, 1 scoop)
  • Creatine Tablets – Activlab (2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner)
  • Amino Complex – Activlab (4 with each main meal)
  • DAA – Activlab (2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner)
  • BCAA Powder – Activlab (2 scoops random, once a day)
  • Glutamine – Activlab (2 Scoops random, once a day)
  • Machine Man – Activlab (4 tablets 4 times a day with meals)
  • PHD Diet – (When I need a top up. Straight after a workout)

**10% off and a free gift using this code ‘AT050213a’ with your Activlab order**

I always mix BCAA powder with Glutamine (2 scoops of each) and drink it before, during and after the gym)

Top Foods/snack

I think that sums up most of my supplements that I use and which I find the best for me at this moment in time. If I could add another supplement it would be Activlab HGH Day and Night, although I didn’t have any and so I can’t add that into the list.

For a full list of my diet look here.



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