Do you want it?

I use the word ‘you’, I really mean ‘I’.

Two lads at the gym, one I had high hopes for and one is just going about his own business. Let’s start with lad number 1.

Lad No1 goes to the gym for a pass time, he does his business with no major effort and enjoys lifting for a time filler. He takes advice, but doesn’t want to use it as he wants to do his own thing and have fun. He has no serious hopes on getting big or getting healthier. He goes 3 days a week at the same time, does the same routines without the big lifts and walks around smiling. He doesn’t really care about nutrition as he has no goals. He’s happy with what he does and he is a great chap in general.

Lad No2 goes to the gym very determined to get muscular and strong. He takes supplements to help him push harder, he always says he wants to get bigger, stronger and eventually compete. He sticks to his time table weekly and pushes as hard as he can. He has his mind set on what he has to do, but it all falls apart.

His mind is not focused on the weight he lifts. He tries to lift weights that are too heavy, he ignores advice that will help him, but he knows his goals and he knows what he has to do… he thinks. He is extremely determined and eats good nutritional meals, but something isn’t right…

The difference between the two is the fact that one is saying he wants it more than anything in the world and has given up. The other is doing it for fun and loving it. Wanting and doing too much can lead to complete failure. You have to enjoy it and make changes slowly.

Things you need to ask yourself

  • What do you want short term? (Drop body fat bellow 15%)
  • What do you want long term? (Pass my knowledge on and help others, i.e PT)
  • What are you willing to give up to reach your goals? (change diet, lifestyle etc)
  • How hard will you push yourself to reach your goals? (as hard as I need to)
  • Do you really want it or are you just curious? (I want it)
  • Do you have the support needed? (Yes, from my wife)
  • Are you willing to take advice and use it or ignore it? (It depends as I feel I am discovering what my body likes and what works for it)

There is a difference between doing what you believe to be right and what you are told is right and then ignoring it. 

Let me try and explain what I mean. As I started working out, I believed I knew what was right for me nutrition wise and exercise wise. I was confident I knew what I was doing and how to do it from what information I gathered at the very early stages.

Then I joined the gym and was told to start again with a simple routine for 6 weeks. I got bored and thought I would fast track to splitting up my body parts so I could get bigger, faster. I ignored the advice and developed a serious injury to my lower back. After this, I always took advice and tried new exercises/nutrition so I could better myself. I very rarely turn down information given me, even if I initially disapprove. I will usually try it or weigh up the options before anything else.

There is nothing more annoying than giving someone some good valuable information which will help them reach their goals and then them ignoring you or asking the person standing next to you that is saying the same thing as what you just said. Here I am talking about stuff like, ‘What’s better to build biceps, leg curls or bicep curls’. I’m not talking about rep ranges etc as everyone is different and more information and knowledge is good as your body may react better to different ways of stimulating the muscle. The perfect exercise for you may not be discovered until much further down the line when you step into the unknown and ask more questions.

Most of the chaps at my gym do power lifting which led me down that road as I had the help to do everything right. It took me 2 years to discover the correct way to bodybuild for my body through knowledge of others and trying different techniques. I’m quite confident to say that my body and mind react better to High Intensity Training (HIT)

So, back to the title…

Do I want it and am I willing to make changes to my diet?

Quite simply the answer is yes. I don’t think there is one single food I eat now that I was eating a few years back. I have changed my life over time to adapt and give me the best chance of living my dream and passion.

I know I have the passion as It makes me happy. I have a fire inside which is wanting more and more. I never half do a job and always stick to the plan in mind. It is very rare if I have to sacrifice the workout or nutrition and I will often do what it takes to ensure I don’t mess up.

(I am still learning and I just let my mind wonder and my finger flutter as I type here. I will always want to improve my knowledge, physique and mental approach)

Do what’s best for you and if you get that fire in your belly… keep going and don’t stop.


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