Friday 6th September Log…


Standing overhead press – bar (15kg) x 8, 35kg x 8, 45kg x 8

Seated dumbbell press – 60lb x 8, 70lb x 8, 70lb x 6

Front raise – 8kg x 20, 30lb x 18

Side raise – 8kg x 16, 8kg x 12ish complete failure

Barbell lateral raise – 15kg x 8, 25kg x failure

**(stick to this for a few weeks)** check results


Squats – 20kg bar x 15, 60kg x 15, 80kg x 15

Leg press – 120kg x 15, 120kg x failure

Hamstring – 55kg x 8, 55kg x 8

Leg extension – 2 sets to failure

Leg curls – 2 sets to failure

Calves – 80kg x 20, 120kg x 20, 120kg x failure

Session lasted an hour.

Great session, focused, pushed hard.


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