Just Weighting… (updated)

I am just waiting to get myself weighed when we go out in a hour. I have not tried to drop the body fat this week, I have just continued as I left off. I know I’m close and I know I’m getting there, regardless to what a few numbers say on the scales. (Insurance sentence until I accomplish my goal) I have tried to drop below 15% before by starving myslef and thinking I’m doing it right.


Here’s part 1 –


Part 2 –

I am very happy with my accomplishment! This goal has been something I have tried to work towards for well over 5 years. I would certainly be confident to say that I have never been under 15% in my adult life and maybe even through my teens. I have tried several ways of dieting before and I have always failed, often quite drastic with sickness etc.

I have now found that the easiest way to drop body fat is thorough nutrition and fortunately I have blogged all my daily intake down to the gram and therefore I have my own personal master plan of how to drop the body fat in the future.

What am I going to do now?

I will spend a good amount of time looking at my nutrition from the last month and see what I can change and add to it. I want to put on more muscle mass and I have to learn the foods to bulk as clean as possible. The last thing I want to do it feel mentally insecure about where I’m going. This time next year I will have some good solid platforms to follow from my own trial and errors. I will blog all my major diet changes and therefore be able to look back and see what works for me.

My strength has dropped a fair bit, but so has my fat. Mentally, the fat is by far the biggest challenge and accomplishment out of the two and losing fat was the whole idea 5 years ago.

My biggest reason for success is down to me wanting to do it and failing many, many times before! My reason for finally getting what I want is down to the fact that I have got back up and tried several times to do it again. Writing this I feel proud and why shouldn’t I be? I feel that I now have control over my body and this will lead me to all sorts accomplishments!

Why the big deal?

Just think where you have come from and the fact you have pushed and pushed till you reached what you wanted! OR don’t ask such stupid questions to yourself!

Ok, my short term plan is to get some good solid information noted down on my next step which is to gain muscle mass whilst staying as lean as possible. I will figure it out through whatever means necessary!

I also need to remind myself that I have gained strength and size compared to when I lifted my first weight and also that I am heavier, yet I have a lower body fat percentage now.


chest now

Just whilst I remember… I can now see muscles working under my skin when doing exercises. I can feel my quads through my fat and I can definitely feel some upper abs developing through the fat that is left. My shoulder exercises are the best to show up definition. (Just a positive note, I know I am still small)

If it takes time, let it take time, just keep focus…


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