Arrogance, Pride, Passion

Every time I type on my blog with some sort of progress I get the feeling I’m being judged by others in the wrong way. This post is just for my own reference and to explain to myself a few things.

When I post pictures of my progress or type about positive things going on with my mind or body, I feel that I always need to explain that I am ME!

What do I mean by this?

If I post a progress picture and I feel proud with what I have achieved, I will naturally feel proud. I will post some positive thoughts and praise myself up. This is not me being arrogant or thinking I am something I’m not, this is just me being proud! I’m allowed to be proud as I have a passion and believe in what I’m doing.

I often find myself constantly explaining that I am still learning and I can only share information that is working or not working for me. When I post on my blog I like to just express how I feel at the time of typing. If I feel happy and proud with my workout or whatever, I may post some very positive blogs that I’m proud of. This is pride and passion, not arrogance or so called bragging.

The only person I compare myself to is me. If I have progressed in any sort of way then I will blog it and feel proud. As it’s my blog, I keep it all about me and my experience with bodybuilding.

How can you call yourself a bodybuilder when you look like ‘that’?

I often ask myself this question when I look in the mirror. I look at myself and I see a thin person that needs to seriously bulk up before telling people in the street etc that I bodybuild. I have now come to the conclusion that I am a bodybuilder no matter what level I’m at. I eat what I believe is to be a bodybuilers nutritional diet and I train to what I believe is a bodybuilders strict way of training.

Back to me…

Looking at myself in the mirror I see a thin person. When Iook back at my old pictures, diet and mental approach to life, I feel proud!

So the question in hand is, do you have to be massive to be a bodybuilder or do you have to become massive to be a bodybuilder? In my opinion, a bodybuilder is someone that eats and trains like one. Size will eventually come, just keep pushing and improving mentally and physically!

Just to clear it up for myself

Arrogance – offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

Pride– a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

Passion – strong amorous feeling or desire, love.

I have hardly any confidence when explaining to people that I’m a beginner bodybuilder. Just about everyone I try to explain bodybuilding too looks at me to say well why don’t you look huge. It’s not about being the biggest in the world for me or the majority of people I guess, it is seriously important for me to better myself personally though! That is the goal, to better myself at this stage in time. (I have bigger dreams, but they are so far away that NASA would have a problem trying to see them)

I will do what I need to do, I will change what I need to change and I will accomplish what I set out to do! This is not an arrogant sentence it is a passionate sentence!


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