Becoming Part Of A Brand…

Like most people I have dreams and goals. The idea of setting goals is to better myself and to give me a reason to push harder and result in accomplishing what I want to do. I hope to represent/work for a company one day that I have pride in. Something I have my heart into and respect. Something I will give 100% to and enjoy every moment of it, even when it gets tough.

A big goal of mine is to help others, this will come in time with experience. I want to change someone’s life and know that I have been part of the reason for this persons positive change. That to me is extremely rewarding. At our gym at the moment, I train with a lad that I am sharing my knowledge with and I can see him progressing very well. He listens very well and he certainly pushes as hard as he can. I can see this lad doing well with his determination and positive attitude.

Becoming a Personal Trainer is clearly something I want to be. In the meantime I will work towards bettering myself and gaining hands on knowledge in the gym and I put as much time as I can understanding nutrition and the human anatomy. I am also working on changing my appearance so that I can feel confident enough to change others, as I have experience in doing this. I also have my blog which can be my background and others can see exactly where I have come from and the pride I take in what I am doing. I agree that this sounds a little ridiculous, but it works in my head.

I have a goal which is set on a company that I’m sure any of my readers can guess what it is and that’s my long term aim. Now I know I say me all the time, but I would be equally as happy if my wife could succeed in the fitness world.

Just about all the knowledge I have is from reading and DVDs as well as trial and error. I feel that my drive will create an opportunity for myself one day at that is certainly something I am aiming towards.

Goals have to be set and I have set my goals short term and long term. I have also made some dreams that was once a joke, something I lost sleep over and something that clearly was impossible for me to do. Out of everything I have dreamt of to do with fitness/bodybuilding, my biggest dream was to meet Dorian Yates. I lost sleep for about 6 weeks leading up to BodyPower 2013. I created a vision of a solid plan to get there early, stand in line, shake his hand get a picture and walk away with the biggest smile on my face and pride that I would ever feel.

If you have read my blog then you will already know that this didn’t happen. My dreams were planned out and I knew exactly what I had to do. What actually happened was Dorian saw me standing in the queue and called me forward to jump the queue and signed my top. (Jeez, typing this has me is extremely over whelming and bringing a tear to my eye) Dorian made me feel very welcome and so did all the others on the stand. He signed my book, we had a little chat and what I dreamt was going to happen and what I lost sleep over turned out to be something that I never even dreamt would happen. Not even in my wildest dreams!

Since then I have trained with him twice, had meals with him, his son and friends. My wife has trained with his wife and we have been treated like one of the DY family members.

Yes, I have gone on a fair bit and slightly off topic, but there is a very good reason I have typed this. First of all I have reminded myself of what amazing things have happened and second of all I know that the impossible is achievable If you want it bad enough!

Whilst I am dreaming about the things I have typed on the top of this post, I know that it is achievable. It just depends if I want it bad enough or not. Clearly I do want it as I wouldn’t be sitting here when I get the time at night when the children are in bed and I would be watching TV, not caring about my blog and diary.

Granted I have gone off topic, but I am happy to be typing these stories here…

Dreams can come true, I’m going to pursue that dream…


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