How Far Can Protein Go…

What I am about to type is very conflicting as I do eat all this stuff. It’s simply something I want to type and will use as a reference when I need to one day.

Ok, bear with me on this one. Protein is becoming the primary focus for many fitness fanatics out there. Companies have caught on and can see a market for products that make our life easier and also to make them a business.

I am a massive fan of the high protein snacks and meals, so I certainly aren’t complaining here. I am just typing what I have been thinking…

I understand protein bread, protein crisps, protein supplements and so on, but where do companies stop? Surely high protein cookies or similar are going a bit over the top. You either eat healthy and strict with a good high fat, simple sugar muffin once a week as a treat, or you you eat whatever you want. Does it defeat the object eating high protein muffins when you are on a strict diet, doesn’t it give an excuse to eat high protein/low nutritional food?

I don’t need an answer to this question as I want it to be open and for the food to be enjoyed. I just don’t know at what level it will stop. Will the quality of ingredients get poorer? Will the products eventually become main stream and have people under the impression that they can eat 10 muffins a day and become Mr Muscles? Will they actually be good enough to eat throughout the day as a main source of food or as part of a balanced diet?

Do we still need to eat 8 eggs or can we have cookies? Lot’s of questions and I have no answers!

The latest product I have bought is high protein peanut butter. The product tastes lovely and it is convenient, but does the high protein content make it better than organic 100% natural peanut butter? Is more even better? Has it had ‘stuff’ added to it that is cheap which completely defeats the object of eating healthy? Again, I’m not singling out any product, I as simply looking into the way the market is going and there is clearly going to be a massive boom with ‘high protein snacks’.

Just a thought…


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