Weight Update… (20/09/13)

You may have followed my daily blogs in August that were aimed at losing fat. I have since dropped another 2lb and continuing to lower my fat. My stomach has dropped roughly another inch in size and my hips are gradually losing those nasty clumps of fat.

Regarding my abs. I can definitely feel my upper 4 abs through my fat that is left covering them. It may take years for them to show and I am doing two main things that will help them show;

  • Lose fat
  • Do abdominal exercises to make my abs grow

This should hurry the process up, even though I have no reason to rush anything as I am simply doing it for myself.

I will weigh myself at Boots tomorrow to get a rough guide of how I am doing. I will not take this as fact though as they are very unreliable from my experience. I won’t bother doing a skin fold test or even measuring myself as I feel that I am on the right path and I can also see that I am on the right path.

Weight wise with my lifts at the gym;

I have noticed a drop in strength, but the fat loss more than makes up for the strength I have lost. I probably wouldn’t be far off what I was lifting 12 weeks ago and a stone heavier if I were to lift in the same ways as I was then, power lifting. Bodybuilding doesn’t require mass amounts of weight and really doesn’t require one rep max’s.


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