Wednesday 25/09/2013 Back And Triceps…

Tonight’s session went very well. Focused and determined.


  • Seated row, warm up, heavier set to failure
  • Reverse grip pull downs,  60kg x 8, 100kg x 8
  • Narrow grip pull downs, 100kg x 8, 120kg x 8, 160kg x complete failure
  • Posterior delt raise,
  • Dead lift, 60kg x 10, 100kg x 8, 120kg x (8 or 10 just till exhaustion) 140kg x 3
  • Shrugs barbell, 60kg x 15, 80kg x 15, 90kg x 15
  • Bent over reverse grip barbell row, 60kg x 10, 60kg x 10, 70kg x failure (possibly 8)


  • Dips, bodyweight x8, 15kg x 8, 25kg x 5
  • Skull crushers, 20kg x 8, 30kg x failure (possibly 8)
  • V bar push downs, 50kg x 8, 60kg x 8, 70kg x failure

I think that’s everything.

I took my headphones tonight and I genuinely feel that this made me push harder as it is usually very quiet in the gym apart from banter. A bit of music gives me focus and helps me push harder. I felt sick after deadlifts as I pushed myself very hard. That’s the most reps I have done with that weight and it really did feel good throughout my whole body.

As for my progress with my weight, I feel that I am slowly progressing and I am on the right path. I also feel that I have a very good idea of how my body reacts to the way I lift weights and the exercises I perform.

That will do for now as I’m shattered…





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