Friday 27/09/13 Legs and Shoulders…

12 stone 5 pounds

Over head press

  • 20kg x8,
  • 30kg x 8,
  • 40kg x 8,
  • 50kg x 8

Seated dumbbell press

  • 60lb x 8
  • 70lb x 6
  • 70lb x 6

Front raise 

  • 8kg x 20
  • 8kg x 20

Side raise

  • 8kg x 10
  • 12kg x complete failure

Wide grip barbell lateral delt raise

  • 15kg x 10
  • 25kg x 10



  • 25kg x 15
  • 60kg x 15
  • 80kg x 15
  • 100kg x 10

leg press

  • 120kg x 15
  • 120kg x 15
  • 140kg x 20

Calf Raise

120kg x 15 x 3 (every set to failure)

I pushed myself as hard as I could and after the session I went straight home and sat next to the toilet for 15 minutes waiting to see if I was going to be sick. Fortunately, I held it in. I don’t think I can’t push myself much harder If I am getting these types of issues afterwards can I…

Here’s a video of my last leg press, I promise that it felt a million times harder than how it looks. I used to do lots of weight with low reps and half reps. I now do less weight and higher reps. I feel this works much better for me personally.


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