Progress Update Pictures Comparison…

I need to start of by doing this video…

Now I need to remind myself that I am bettering MYSELF and myself only. I do not compare myself to others and I only compare myself to my previous health and photos.

When I was obese…

SS852103 SS851968


Here’s a pic of when I was obese to when I lost weight…


Here’s a pic from the first few weeks of lifting… ( I though it would be a fast turn around)


Another early pic…


Most pic took around a year ago that I was extremely proud of…


This was 1st of August 2013…

20130801_085506 20130801_085529 20130801_085537

We took these this afternoon completely unplanned. Thanks to my wife for supporting me and helping me from the very start.

PLEASE remember to not judge me for where I am, judge me from where I have come from. I hope to look back at these in a years time and giggle at how they looked. At this moment in time, I am proud of myself for following my passion. I don’t find it a chore and I know that this is still the start! I am committed to the sport and I will continue to better myself.

I should add that these pictures were took at home by the wife for fun!

IMG_8664normal IMG_8669main IMG_8670main IMG_8672main IMG_8683main IMG_8688main IMG_8693mainIMG_8756main

I tell you what, I’m going to take a moment to feel proud that I am doing what I enjoy, I am following my passion and I am pursing my dream. YES, I am proud! I WILL continue to push my body and my knowledge forever!


One day I will have abs… I will do the impossible!!! (passion not arrogance)


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