Goals And Ramble…

I want to and will hit 8 reps of 100kg on the bench press over time. The reason I pick up on my bench press is simply down to the fact that it seems to be lacking slightly compared to my other lifts. Squats are the other exercise that I have fell behind with and I know I have to work on them more.

The truth is quite visible and obvious when I sit back and wonder why my strength has dropped enough for me to notice. It’s all down to my diet when cutting. Although it was the cleanest I have ever ate, I still feel that I need around 1000 calories more per day to avoid a noticeable drop in strength.

This is no issue and this is why I keep note on my blog. I can look back, study and see what I have done wrong or to see what works for me. Making it public also makes me concious and therefore I have to do-it-to the best of my knowledge at that given time.

I am still very happy with my progress when I last cut, just like I’m happy with how my bulk is going. It may take years to get right, I just feel that doing it by myself will give me a much better knowledge base for myself.






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