Monday 02/12/2013 – Weight

Another week of lifting and eating.

I weighed myself today and my weight has hardly gone up. I am eating much more food and I am doing no cardio other than normal day to day things. I personally can’t see a difference in my photos with size or fat wise. I’m not taking much notice at all with this comparison though, as I had much more clothes on today and that will alter the whole weight to fat percentage. What I guess I’m trying to say is that it is pointless to compare these two weigh-ins without all the other measurements too.

September – On the right




I have then compared my photos from then and now and they seem very similar body fat wise, even after all the food I have been eating. Perhaps this is down to eating better meals, rather than high fat foods… time will tell.

I am happy with my weight and strength at the moment, so I will just continue to do what I can in the gym and then eat. I am enjoying eating to be honest, yet I’m really looking forward to cutting. That is something that requires immense discipline and I hope that If I carry on the way I am now, I will only have half the job I had in August to lose the body fat. In 2014 I will get down to 10% body fat and I will have visible abs. March is when I will start cutting and August is when I hope to bulk. Hopefully next year will be much more organised and focused as I have been working on my diet and figuring out my body for a couple of years and I strongly believe that 2014 will be my best year! (Positive thinking)

Whist typing this I have also compared it to my August one which was before I started to cut. There isn’t much difference with the two bits of paper, but I’m confident to say that there is a noticeable difference in the mirror when it comes to body fat.

The mirror doesn’t lie…




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