How can I get big, fast?

(I better add that what I say here is just coming out as I type this blog. I have finished the post and just noting this here.)

The first question people ask me is, “How can I get big, fast“. Well if I knew that, I’d be big myself!!!

There is no way to get big fast, ‘from my experience’. It’s all about changing little things at a time. Keep swapping certain foods for healthier foods, walk to the shop rather than drive, drink more water, eat more meals a day but smaller healthier meals. For me personally, there has been more things I have stopped or given up along my journey and I can’t even begin to think of how I have changed my life around for the better.

I have made the mistake many of times with changing to many things over night. The more things you change, the harder it is to stick with the new changes. Do just one thing a week that will mount up to several things over time. This way you won’t miss them so much, which will lead to a successful lifestyle change. Doing them all at one may end in complete failure as it’s too much to do all at once.

People always want a quick fix to fitness and many people go all out a month before a holiday and then go back to their normal self straight after the holiday. What’s the point in this? Clearly you are self concious with your body or you simply wouldn’t care. Just imagine if you turned that 1 month before the holiday into 13 months before the holiday. Just imagine how much you really could change in that year, ready for the next holiday. Imagine how much you would change in 2,3,4 years time!

I’ve never been a sports person. When I was younger I used to love gaming on my PC. I locked myself in the ‘big cupboard’ and played games when I got home from school. When I got older and grew up, my hobby turned to drinking every night. I was a mess, yet I have still got my health back on track over time.

I guess I am fortunate to have been woke up in my mid 20’s and realise that I had to sort my lifestyle out. Many people don’t discover this until they are ill or it’s too late.

I know I’m preaching all this health stuff and I also know that my body isn’t how I want it yet. I also know that I have been on this journey for almost 5 years and I have started from absolutely nothing. I have had to find answers and experiment with my body as I have gone along. I now have a passion for it, simply down to the fact that it has made a massive positive impact on my life and on my families life. I do it now without thinking about it and I just love bettering myself.

I hope that my children also look up to me and the wife when they are older and appreciate that we have took care of ourself and bettered ourselves. I can promise one thing for sure, I certainly wouldn’t have been such a good, active dad if I was still in my old ways. This would have caused issues with my family in some way shape or form.

This year has been the first year that I have started pulling the last 4 years together. My journey is evolving and I am gaining knowledge about health and fitness. It’s all about being happy and I can assure you that since day one I have been happy! I have made some massive lifestyle changes, but sitting here now, I don’t regret any!

Think about it now… Start now!!! You can’t go back in time and you will regret not doing it RIGHT NOW!

Anyone reading this will be thinking about fitness in some way. If you wasn’t, then you’re in the wrong place. Hopefully it may make you think though… 

It takes time…


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