Friday 13th Temple Gym, Legs With Dorian Yates *EXPLICIT*

*I will update this more tomorrow*

Where to start…

It was my birthday yesterday (13th) and my wife booked me in for my third training session with Dorian Yates. I wanted to train legs as they are one of the complex muscle groups that require many variations of exercises to build them right, whilst maintaining proportion and symmetry across the body. They also take the most out of the body too. My respiratory system was hit hard.

This video is a cut down version of my training with Dorian and shows the exercises that I did. I gave it my all during these sets and I left nothing to regret. I pushed as hard as I could and then I carried on pushing more and more. I wanted it and I enjoyed it, I really enjoyed it infact. The stress I put on my body to do the best I could, simply felt great. I train as hard as I can in my local gym and I know I need to step my game up even more. I also have to remember safety at the same time!

Dorian told me he was going to make me sick on my birthday and I was excited to be sick. I wasn’t sick, but only because he gave me some simple, yet great advice to help avoid being sick. I did have to go out side to get some air during training as I thought I was going to puke, I managed to get through it though and that’s all that matters. I will go back again next year to do chest and biceps. Until then, I will continue to do what I’m doing, work on what he has showed me and keep aiming to better myself.

There is something about Temple Gym that is extremely intimidating, yet on the other hand, very exciting. When I set foot in there now, the excitement completely out weighs the nerves and I feel… it’s hard to explain the feelings I get when I go there. I guess I can say that I feel fired up, excited, nervous, anxious, powerful?! Simply put, I feel alive!

I gave it my all training legs. I never wanted to quit, but clearly I couldn’t control that. Training with Dorian is special! It’s something that needs to be experienced as his training style is simply brutal. Clearly I love his training style and I use it when I train. I have trained with him 3 times now and I have also trained with him and Andrew Coulson. Temple Gym feels like a home to us and I would train there every single day if I lived closer. The whole gym, members and staff are just great!

Just though of something I want to remind myself about. When I did quads and hamstrings, I felt an incredible pump over the whole of my upper legs. As soon as I did standing calves, I felt a sensation which can only be described as all the blood in my upper legs rushing to my calves. It was almost as if all the blood in my body was in my upper legs and then it drained like a tap into my calves. Hard to explain to others, this is enough to remind me of the feeling though.

I also got a new T shirt and a signed rare video…


The DY Tshirt


A video of the new Temple Gym. (My daughters painting are in the gym and you can see them towards the end of the video)

Like idiots, we parked at the top of the car park…

And my training video… (Dorian has given me permission himself to post my workouts with him, on my blog)

Everything looks MUCH easier when sitting at home looking at it on the PC. Doing it is quite nerve racking and extremely painful.

I have removed a large portion of this video that is explanations of the exercises and every question I had to ask him. He answers every question in detail and in ways they can be understood.

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