What Have We Done In 2013?

This year has been absolutely crazy in terms of our fitness journey.

Lets start off with the smaller things like getting a large bodybuilding DVD collection. I have also started collecting Dorian Yates merchandise and I have all his DVDs, most of his Tshirts and now his original Blood and Guts Video, which is also signed. I have collected a small number magazines that he is on the front cover of and also have them signed too.



BodyCoaches.net started up early 2013 and this was a vital way for me to interact and ask questions to some of the worlds leading athletes. This was just the start for what was going to be quite a busy year.

Back in May we went to BodyPower 2013 and that was a great experience to say the least.

I met some great champs from Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath and many more! I have also made some friends in the business and one that springs to mind is Andrew Torres.

On fathers day we went to Temple Gym for a look around.

Setting foot in the Dungeon for the first time which was great! I even got to share the experience with my wife and children.


August the 1st I had my first training session with Dorian Yates. We trained back and this was incredible!

The session went great. Me and the wife even got to eat with Dorian and Andrew afterwards.

September the 11th we were invited back to train with Dorian and Andrew, whilst the wife got to train with Gal Yates

Me, my wife, Dorian, his wife Gal, Andrew, Dorians son Lewis and Emma. This was something that was overwhelming and an extreme honour to have been in the same room with them all. After training, we all went for dinner together too.


December 13th I trained legs with Dorian for my birthday. This was seriously intense and I loved every single second of it!

Here’s a little clip of some of my training clips put together from the year 2013.

This year has opened up so many doors for us and we have met/spoke/interacted with so many folk from, the fitness world.

We have some more plans for 2014 and we hope to full-fill them all!


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