2013 My Progress This Year

This is why I do my blog. I love to take the moment that is here right now and explain things in the way I know how to with the knowledge I have at the present time. I like to look at my previous posts to see if I am going the right way or not.

I started 2013 looking like this and yes I was extremely impressed and absolutely over the moon at the time. Remember that it was a massive change for me to get to this stage and the life style I was living was much, much better than the rest of my life put together. I look at this picture now and pick faults which is normal and I also think about what others would think of this picture as an outsider. I understand what peoples thoughts would be as I’m doing it now. Fortunately I have tried so hard to change my life with bodybuilding and I understand that it’s not just about where you are, but where you have come from. I most certainly looked the best I’d ever looked when taking this picture.

20130220_19205820130220_191525 (1)

I changed my diet around March, where I had a plan to lose some body fat ready for BodyPower 2013. I changed little things over the weeks and kept it up AND kept improving right up to the present day.

I took some measurements on January 1st 2013 which were very identical to the measurements I have now. My stomach is smaller and the rest of my body is slightly bigger, but my body fat has dropped a large amount. Looking at all this together, I feel comfortable to say that I have lost fat and gained muscle.

This was took recently as a random pic. My body fat is down and I have managed to increase my strength slightly.



I feel that my knowledge has grown a great deal this year and I have had a good go at cutting and bulking too. I hope that I will have a much better understanding and success when I try them both in 2014. There are many things I want to change when it comes to my cutting, this should be ok though as I have the blueprints to how I did it last time.

I started this year with plans of beating my personal best in certain exercises. I totally gave up with that idea, as I really want to bodybuild and not power lift. I really enjoy challenging my body and pushing it to be better.

Dec 31st 2012

13.2 stone


Today 13 stone

body fat

On the right 31/12/2012 


Today 13 stone


Everything here is very rough, so I wont get too caught up in it. The pictures show that I was 2lb heavier this time last year and yet my measurement are similar or slightly bigger.

  • My stomach is much smaller and this is clear when I wear jeans.
  • My body fat has dropped by 5% approximately.
  • My strength has increased slightly. ( I have much better form now)
  • My diet is much better now.

Putting all this information together I can see that I have progressed with the path I have chosen. I have been very pleased with how I have gained knowledge and how my training has changed for the better.

I’m sure I will think of more things I need to add to this post, but at the moment I will leave it here. This is all for my reference, I just make it public in hope that I might inspire people as I go along.


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