Need Advice? Can I Help?

Bodybuilding is all about helping others, so I have decided to try something new for 2014.

My journey started alone and from nothing at all. I had no knowledge of nutrition or exercise when I first started losing weight. I knew that if I keep running and ate less that I would eventually lose the weight, but that’s about all. When I started lifting, I found that I knew absolutely nothing at all and had to gather knowledge for myself over time.

I have done just about everything from scratch and on my own. I feel that I know enough now to help others that are wanting to start to change their body into a more comfortable physique, but they don’t know where to start or are scared of what other think about them.

What I would love to do is set up a part to my blog where anonymous folk can ask me direct for some advice and I will do my best to help them out. I have a good base of basic information that I have gathered from experience over the years and I know that me helping others will also help me out.

I should be able to answer most of the starter questions that you have to ask. It will be good experience for me to know what the common questions are from the people who are just starting up and it will be great for me to help you with your journey. I know there are a ton of places that have more knowledge than me and people that are willing to offer better information too. I would just like to see how this goes.

As you will be emailing me direct, you should feel confident that only I will know who the questions are from and so you can ask what you like regarding training, diet or just general questions regarding fitness. If I feel that the questions will help others then I will set up a new blog page with each anonymous question and answer.

Please click this link to ask your questions

Keep moving forward…


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