Body Fat, Workout, Gym…


I am currently around the 19% body fat mark and I’m fine with that. I was planning on putting on fat and hoping to gain strength through the winter months and this has been accomplished. I find it very easy to put on body fat and extremely challenging to lose the body fat. (Notice I said challenging and not impossible)

In 4 weeks time I will start to adjust my diet and add light cardio ready for March when I plan on cutting. I have a goal of having slightly noticeable abs for summer. I’m not talking ripped to shreds, I’m talking visible.

I took a few pictures last night to hide in my archives and I have put on a lot of excess fat and I do feel very uncomfortable with it. I also understand that I am not fat and I have gained strength. I know that dropping the body fat with a good diet will be relatively easy for me as I have my mind programmed ready for March 1st. I find things much easier when I really want something rather than sort of wanting something, but not really interested.

I’m sort of like that now. I wont cut just yet as I don’t have the interest in it. It’s that simple! What’s the point in half doing something when I can go full out in just over a month and have my heart into it. My strength is going up and so I will continue to do what I’m doing for the next few weeks as planned 8 months ago.


The new gym is our new home. We always feel welcome there and I’m quite sure that we will have some great gains over the next year or so. It’s not all about taking and not giving back though. Just like my old gym, I want to help with little things around the gym in whatever way I can.

I have some quite exciting things coming up soon which I’m looking forward to. It’s in regards to the gym and if all goes to plan, it will be a big benefit to mem as well as the other members. I’ll talk about this more next week.


Back (all roughly the weight lifted)

  • 40kg very light narrow pulldowns to get the blood flowing
  • Nautilus Pull Overs 40kg x 10, 80kg x 10
  • Hammer Strength Pull Downs 80kg x 10, 100kg x 8
  • Cable Wide Grip D Bar rows 2 sets, no idea of the weight
  • One Arm Lever Pulls (per side) 40kg x 10, 60kg x 10
  • Deadlifts 50kg x 10, 90kg x 10, 150kg x 4, 120kg x 10
  • Shrugs (Dumbbell) 35kg x 15, 45kg x 10


  • Isolated Tricep Press, no idea
  • Seated Dips, 70kg x 10, 100kg x 10
  • Skull crushers (+bar), 20kg x 10, 30kg x 8

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