Thinking About Cutting

I go through this at different times of the year when I am cutting or bulking. I have put on a bit of body fat over the bulking period which I was intending to do. I have also gained strength which I wanted to do. The big issue I have is my mental mind set right now. I feel that I am fat and need to cut.

I know exactly what I need to do when I cut. The biggest issue I have with my diet is sugar. I don’t have sugar in my tea, but I eat plenty of snacks that are high in sugar, as well as dextrose. I’ve got set in a way where I enjoy a bowl of cereal in the afternoon and also these Snack a Jack things in the evening. I don’t weigh any of my food out as I need a break from dieting and measuring my meals out every time is hard work.

None of these mind sets are bad at all though. I need to feel determined and ready to give it my all in just a few weeks time. Having all these thoughts running through my head about dropping the body fat will power me on through my cut. I want to give it my all for the 12 weeks up to BodyPower2014, with a very clean diet and a little cardio added daily too.

The great things about my diet at the moment are my energy levels. I feel happy and full of energy. When I consume more calories I feel much more motivated and lively, therefore burning more calories too.

I really am going to try and do my very best during my cut and I will blog it all along the way. I know what I need to do and I am prepared to give it my all. If I ends up looking too thin then that’s just hard luck as I have ate and trained as hard and consistent as possible over the winter.

My diet is not bad at all. I know what I need to cut out to help me drop the fat. I am very excited to cut as I find it extremely challenging to drop the fat. I can’t wait to do it and I will do everything I can to accomplish my goals!

I have a good feeling for 2014, it will be my most focused and best year yet!



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