Back and Triceps 22/01/2014, Pics

This is today’s workout with pictures for my reference, All these pictures were taken during my first set of each exercise and therefore the warm-up set or feeler set.


Narrow grip reverse pulldowns, 12 x 50kg, 10 x 70kg x 10 (approx)





Pull overs 40kg x 10, 80kg x 8



Hammer Strength Pull Downs, 80kg x 10, 100kg x 8 (approx)



Rows, 40kg x 12, 60kg x 8 (approx)




One Arm Rows, 40kg x 10, 70kg x 10



T Bar Rows, 40kg x 10, 70kg x 8



Dumbbell Shrugs, 30kg x 15, 40kg x 15, 45kg x 10


Dip Machine, 70kg x 10, 100kg x 10. (I prefer dips with the belt on the dip station, although this is much easier on my wrist at the moment)



Tricep Machine, 2 sets, not sure of the weight




Dumbbell Tricep Extension, 10kg x 10, 15kg x 6



Everything went well today and a lot of effort was put into it. After my second exercise on the pull overs, I could really feel it in my back. The only thing we didn’t do today was dead lifting and posterior delts. We will do stiff leg deadlifts on leg day and rear delts on shoulder day. My back simply can’t take deadlifts on a Wednesday and Squats on a Friday, I will work around this somehow, but for now I will go by how I feel on the day.

In all, today went great and we were very focused and really did aim to get that extra rep.


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