Friday 24/01/2014


  • Seated dumbbell press 10kg x 15, 20kg x 10, 30 kg x 10, 35kg x 6
  • Machine press 50kg x 10, 70kg x 8
  • Iso lateral raise 2 sets not sure of weight.
  • Rear delts 2 sets not sure of weight.


  • Leg extensions, 3 sets not sure of weight.
  • Leg press 100kg x 12, 140kg x 10
  • Squat 100kg x 12, 140kg x 6
  • Front squat machine 80kg x 12, 120kg x 10
  • Hamstring curls 2 sets not sure of weight (one from full deck)
  • Stiff leg deadlift 60kg x 10, 100kg x 8
  • Standing calf raise 70kg x 15, 100kg x 15
  • Seated calf raise 40kg x 15


  • Leg raise, 20, 20
  • Ab crunch, failure, not sure of weight or reps.


We started off with a warm up/stretch and then moved onto some seated dumbbell presses. We did 4 sets in total as we started on a very light 10kg set to rep a few out and get the blood flowing.


Shoulder press machine was next. 2 sets in total, one to feel the weight and a second with maximum weight at around 4-8 reps.


Iso Lateral was next for the lateral delts.


Rear delts were next on the peck deck.



After warming up we did three sets of leg extensions, starting light and increasing the weight.


45 degree leg press was second and this was for 2 sets.


Barbell squat for 2 sets.


Front squat machine was next (Not a pic from today)


Leg curls were next, again for two sets.


Stiff leg deadlift for 2 sets.


Standing calf raise for 2 sets.

Screenshot (149)

Seated Calf Raise for 1 set.


Leg raises 2 sets around 15-25 reps.

Ab Crunches 2 sets max reps. (first time I tried this and loved it) this is also very comfy with my lower back despite the video o looking a little uncomfortable.



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