Gym, Weight, Ramble…

It’s already been a month that has passed at the new gym and we feel really settled now. We are pushing each other as hard as we can during each training session together and have learnt a lot of things too.

I have weighed myself today and compared my pictures from August (which is when I decided to try and do my first cut) Personally I feel that I am in a better starting position than back then, even though I have just been on my bulking months. This last week I have knuckled down and got my diet on track as-well-as adding some light walking pace cardio to my daily routine.

I hate cardio and that’s the truth. I try to do 1 hour a day walking on the treadmill at home whilst listening to my music and after having my Black Bombs fat burner. I have only been changing things around since last Sunday, so I don’t expect any difference yet, which is quite obvious. I do however feel that at the end of February if I can give it 100% like I have this week, I will be able to see a slight improvement from today. I’m keeping my expectations low and I will do my very best to battle through any rough patches I come across and reach my goal.

I’m currently at 12st 12Lb and  16.8% body fat.(according to Boots) I hope to lose 4-6lb in February and drop my body fat closer to the 15% mark, ready to battle on to 10% as a goal.

Why does it take me a month to lose just 4lb?

I can lose 4lb in a day if I dehydrate myself and eat salads all day (And I have proven this several times in the past) The idea is to maintain as much of the little muscle and strength that I have through my cutting months. I want to drop 4lb of fat and not 4lb of muscle.

What about the new gym? 

Everything is positive about the new gym and that’s the short of it. Top quality equipment with a mixed level community. There are people who are going into competition and people that are new to gyms. (My wife is one of the new people to the gym) Having people around me who are into Bodybuilding helps me push harder. It’s good to see the different techniques people use and this broadens my knowledge and also gives me different ways to work my muscles.

One down side to my old gym was the way people would pick up on me every time I tried to lose body fat. They would say I was losing to much fat meaning I’d lose to much strength. I can understand what they were saying, but they couldn’t understand I didn’t want all that fat on me. The new gym gaffa has a completely different approach and will help every member individually if you would like him to help you.

I know the new gym has helped me improve, as I know the exercises are hitting the muscle I want them to reach. As I only worked with free weights in the old gym. I now have access to machines that are easier on my lower back and easier on my body as a whole. If I do want to use free weights, I still have access to a very larger variety of dumbbells, barbells and plates. It’s a win win situation in every aspect joining the new gym.

We have something that I find very exciting coming up this Monday. I’ll be sure to update you with that as long as it goes ahead. Unforeseen circumstances can’t be helped if they crop up, touch wood they wont though.

BodyPower 2014

I have this as my short term target to cut my body fat down as much as I need to and to look my very best so far. If I were to lose 4lb per month from now till May and maintain what little muscle I have, I’m sure I will have a low enough body fat percentage to see my abs. Seeing my abs has been a dream of mine for years, I’ve said it’s impossible all those years too. It’s time to stop saying it’s impossible and work harder to get them. No more excuses!!!

Progress pics

At the moment there are no progress pics as I have a lot to work on. I have took pictures today and I will take them every weekend until I feel the need to put them up on here with some noticeable progress. I will post them all at the end (Hopefully end of February) showing you how I have got on week- by-week along with any progress that has been made. I do want to share everything I do with my readers on here, just so they can have some sort of an idea of how my journey is going and hopefully inspire someone.

I’ve said it several times before that I never speak out of arrogance when I show my progress or make goals. I simply have a passion for what I do and I just love doing it! I love the training, I love the challenging nutritional side of things, I love the people I have met along the way, I love the pain, I love the changes, I love my body!*

*Just to clarify, ‘I love my body’. I don’t mean I love my body in the way that I think I’m good, I simply love my body as I care for it and want it to be healthy, strong and always progressing to when I visualise myself to be. I love my body and that’s why I try to care for it and it is by far the most important thing that I have in my life, without my body, I simply wouldn’t exist. I never used to love my body and that’s why I was unhealthy and obese. I was going down a slippery slope as I hated it and simply didn’t want to do anything to make it better… till one day when I started this long, winding journey. (I hate putting stuff like this, but I feel that I need to as I don’t want to come over as arrogant) I also understand that once I reach my goal and give it 100% of my effort, I may then look into other paths to full fill my dream.




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