12 Weeks Out… (Roberts First Competition)

I have mentioned a few times in my recent posts that I have something coming up fitness related and here is a quick run down of what’s going on over the next 12 weeks.

After being at the new gym for a month, I got talking to the owner about a guy who is going in for his first competition and would I be interested in helping them out recording bits and taking photos. Clearly I jumped to the chance of having a no pressure opportunity to see the side of bodybuilding that I have never seen before.

The idea is simple, I go once a week around the same day each week and take what videos I can, as-well-as a few photos to monitor Roberts progression and condition over the next 12 weeks leading up to April’s competition. Robert is 59 and going for his first competition, this is very inspiring and gives me hope that one day I will hopefully be able to compete. I started quite late and so in theory, I have enough time to knuckle down and work towards a final goal of competing and winning. (Obviously I want to go to win)

Please remember that I have only been going to the gym for a month and I have never met these chaps before. I have no idea if they will shout at me to get out the way or if they will encourage me to do what I need to do etc. Stay tuned for next weeks episode as this one was more to test the water and familiarise myself with what I needed to do. Personally, I feel that you will enjoy this and I hope it motivates you too.

Please support Robert by heading over to The Gyms Facebook or drop a comment on the youtube video for him.

Here’s week 12…


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