Let’s Talk Fat…

Right let’s try this again after accidentally deleting it all…

I made a post yesterday saying that I was exactly the same weight yesterday as I was when I first started to drop the body fat a month ago. I weigh myself at Boots each week to just have something very simple to go by and then I weigh myself and measure myself every week at home to have something a little bit more accurate to go by.

The Boots machine was telling me I have put on fat since I started and also told me I was the same weight as when I started. I spent ages yesterday feeling disheartened and looking into ways I could change things around to help me accomplish my goal. I did figure out a few things whilst looking for answers and this was great as it broadens my knowledge.

I have just been deleting loads of junk from my desktop, when I stumbled across some pictures that I took on the 15th January 2014. Comparing these pictures I can see small changes going on with my body. I have lost body fat and this is quite clear from comparing the 2 pictures. There is no need to post them here yet as the changes are quite minimal, on the other hand I am in the process of making a long private blog post that I will be keeping private till May. This will have my pictures on from over the weeks and I hope it will look like how I can picture it in my head.

All I really wanted to blog was the fact that if you have started a New Year Resolution which involves fitness, do not be disheartened if you have not lost any weight at all! You can turn body fat into muscle which will be more dense, but weigh the same. This will leave you slimmer, yet the same weight. My advice to anyone is for you to take pictures of yourself in the same spot and same lighting every week and hide them away. Do not look at them every week as the changes wont be noticeable. Give them a month apart and see if there are any noticeable changes going on. stick with it and don’t rely on weighing scales or that boots machine!

I made this video first thing this morning…



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