24/02/2014 Chest and Biceps

Note to self


Decline bench press smith machine (Slow, focused, squeeze)

  • No weight 12 reps *warm up*
  • 10kg per side x 12 *warm up*
  • 15kg (PS) x 10
  • 20kg PS x 6

Flat bench

  • 80kg x 8 *feeler set*
  • 90kg x 4

Seated press

  • 8 reps struggle *Feeler set*
  • triple drop set

Incline dumbbell press

  • 15kg x 10
  • 25kg x 6

Seated flies 

  • 2 sets to failure


Lever machine 

  • 15kg x 8
  • 20kg x 6 failure

EZ bar 

  • 10kg per side x 8
  • 15kg per side x 4

Hammer curls drop set from 15kg.


**Repeat next week as this has been a successful routine!**

Diet (rough idea only) 

  • 150g oats with scoop of protein
  • shake
  • 2 x Dr Zaks Protein Bread with Nuts and More
  • Chicken and veg (coconut oil)
  • Veg and something (protein pasta, tuna, beef, shake)
  • 2x Dr Zaks Protein Bread with Nuts and More + Protein Bites on top.

Lots of water!!!


  • Vit C
  • Vitamins + Minerals
  • Omega 3
  • Protein 

Waiting for more BlackBombs to arrive…

Weight – 12st9lb

Body fat – 14% (Boots)

Strength is very good so far, fat is going slowly, cardio is 2 x half hour sessions per day. 15min walk then 15min spinner without a break. Speed determined by mood and energy.  








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