Friday Feeling…

Sitting at the the PC typing this up, having my last meal of the day, knowing I have done my best is such a great feeling.

This week has been tough as we basically ran out of food mid week and having a cold meant that eating snacks/junk was much more likely that the following weeks. As I’m focused on the distant future and thinking about everything I eat and how it will affect me, I managed to stick with my plans and get through week 5.

As I have finished my cardio and gym for the week, I am on my last meal and so I only have to wait till tomorrow morning for my routine pictures and measurements to see how I’m getting on. tomorrow is also the day that I originally planned for my cutting to start. This gives me a great excuse to look into everything I’m doing and make sure I’m on the right path. It also helps me trick my mind into thinking it’s my very first day of cutting as hopefully will keep me going.

I couldn’t have done anything more this week unless I didn’t follow my plan. Next week I have a few plans to help with my fat loss, but I will look into that tomorrow and work out what the sensible route would be. I’ll leave it here for now as I want to finish my food and relax before another early night.

Treat or Nutrition?

  • Dr Zaks Protein Bread
  • Protein bites
  • Nuts’n’More

Fat 12g

Protein 64g

Carbs 45g

Fits my macros perfect for now!


The best part is… I make my plan up as I go along… 


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