14 Week V-Log Cutting Diary

I have consider deleting all of these videos as they seem pointless and ridiculous now. However, I will keep them to look back on and help me through my next journey.


I have made a number of videos talking to myself about my journey and how I feel at random times with completely random thoughts. I have decided to post as many as I can here so I can look back at them in chronological order to see how my frame of mind was at certain times. I can look back and compare my nutrition with my emotions to see how I can change things around for next time…

19th February 2014 – Haters

7th March 2014 – Don’t Judge Others

17th March 2014 – Secret To My Success So Far

18th March 2014 – (update Pop Tarts failed to do anything expected 29/03/2014)

27th March 2014 – Surround yourself with posititivity

27th March 2014 – Random

29th March 2014 – Changes I have noticed today

31st March 2014 –  Energy

1st April 2014 – Eating Disorder?

2nd April 2014 – Depressed

10th April 2014 – Update Ramble

14th April 2014 – I won’t change My goal

16th April 2014 – No Temptation

17th April 2014 – What I need to consider

17th April 2014 – Shopping

20th April 2014 Walking With Kids

23rd April 2014 – Night

24th April 2014 – Morning

27th April 2014 – All about measurements

30th April 2014 – Carb Depleted

01 May 2014 – last training session




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