Weight Update Week 8 – 22/03/2014

This is one of those weeks where I feel that I need to step it up to my final stage for the next 5 weeks. I have no problem doing this as I am going to accomplish what I set out to do. 8 weeks have gone now and I have a target date of 1st May (2014) to hit my planned target.

I am just about to sit down and work out my daily macro split as-well-as my daily food break down. I am cutting my oats down in the morning to half of what I have now on non training days and I will change my evening meal slightly. I know what I need to do and I hope that from what I am learning here, as well as the previous years of experience, I will be able to help others with diet plans, nutrition and training plans. I already have a few people that I am helping and I have some great projects running behind the scenes at the moment that involves just about all body types with the same goal in mind. To become fit, healthy and more confident.

Expect a big blog post with some massive changes from these people, along with their diets, interviews, pictures and so on. I personally don’t find anything more rewarding than helping others, I just need to make sure I can reach my own target by May and then I know I can be more confident help others.


  • 13st 1lb

Skin Fold Test

  • 11mm
  • 10mm
  • 18mm

I have just started to create my own active spreadsheet that will be a great asset to me being able to monitor my calories and help to make diet plans for others. I am quite excited about this little project as I am doing it from ground up on my own and it will eventually be available to the public. It’s very similar to MyfitnessPal, but very basic and mainly for myself. I will update you with this over time and I will also need a few people that are willing to change their body with certain goals that I can sort diet plans out for and training plans. this is a future project, but it will work…


*Note* I had 7 pop tarts yesterday as planned and I felt extremely dehydrated all night. I drank enough water during the day, yet I went to the toilet a ton of times in the night.


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